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Annual Reports

Community Legal Aid's Annual Report for fiscal year 2015. "Voices of Legal Aid" spotlights how your support helps thousands of families escape violence and abuse each year in central and western Mass. 

Community Legal Aid's Annual Report for fiscal year 2014. "Voices of Legal Aid" shows how your support for justice in central and western Mass. helps thousands every year fight for their rights. 

Read about how you helped Joel fight to get his urgent medical needs met. And how Jackline secured her lawful benefits, how Laurie overturned an illegal foreclosure, and how Mindy protected herself and her children from abuse. These stories are just a small sample of how your support enabled CLA to help over 5,000 residents of central and western Massachusetts fight for fairness, justice, and dignity.

Read about how Randy kept his home and income; how Queenie's foreclosure was overturned; how Melinda and Evan received protection from abuse; and how Racheal's future is now a whole lot brighter. And all because of your support.

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Benefits of Legal Aid to the Commonwealth

Legal aid benefits both clients and their communities by saving everyone money.  In 2013, legal aid services generated an estimated $28 million in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through new federal revenue, other benefits and cost savings.

“Most Americans don’t realize that you can have your home taken away, your children taken away and you can be a victim of domestic violence but you have no constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.”

Jim Sandman, President,
Legal Services Corporation