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SJC to consider foreclosure sale notice mistakes | Housing Court judges split on issues

By Brandon Gee, Mass. Lawyers Weekly

The state’s Housing Court judges are increasingly overturning foreclosure sales due to mistakes in the notices banks must send homeowners, but the Supreme Judicial Court soon will consider whether anything less than strict compliance with G.L.c. 244, §35A should indeed outright void an extrajudicial foreclosure sale.

Judge dismisses eviction notices for some residents of Echo Village, Amherst

Daily Hampshire Gazette
By Scott Merzbach
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
AMHERST – Two families at Echo Village Apartments who face eviction have won the right to remain in their homes, at least into the fall.
Housing Court Associate Judge Robert Fields recently issued a summary judgment and dismissed eviction notices given by Eagle Crest Property Management to four tenants with federal Section 8 vouchers administered by the Amherst Housing Authority.

Eviction of 4 families Echo Village in Amherst temporarily overturned by Housing Court judge

Springfield Republican
By Diane Lederman
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
AMHERST – Two Echo Hill Village families will be able to remain in their homes for at least a few more months, after Housing Court Judge Robert Fields dismissed their eviction because the landlord did not properly terminate the tenancy.
The ruling issued last week affected four families. However, two of those families already moved, said Jennifer Dieringer, a lawyer with Community Legal Aid in Northampton who is representing them.

Echo Village tenants, fighting eviction, want to remain in diverse complex

Springfield Republican (
August 1, 2013
By Diane Lederman
AMHERST -- TracyLee Boutilier has lived in the Echo Village condominium complex at 30 Gatehouse Road for two years. She and other tenants want to stay.
The building is diverse and good for families. And she said, it’s not easy to find affordable housing in the town in which students live, driving up the market rents.

Legal aid kept him ‘truckin

Telegram & Gazette
June 5, 2013
By Randy Haley 
Driving around New England with 35 tons of stone and sand behind you isn’t an easy way to make a living. I know, because I’ve spent my entire career doing it. In fact, I’ve been around trucks my whole life. It’s the only work I know, and it supports my wife and our teenage son in our modest apartment in Dudley.