Report Housing Discrimination in Worcester County
The Worcester Fair Housing Project fights housing discrimination in the rental market in Worcester County.
“I felt taken advantage of, but with Medha’s expertise, she made a quick and dramatic difference."
Joel fought to get his urgent medical needs met.
“If you budget your charitable giving, like we try to do, $10 per week for each of us means $1,000 a year for CLA."
Fran and Shirley have been supporting CLA for years.
"The Veterans Project assists veterans with their civil legal challenges while empowering them to lead independent and productive lives at home in Central and Western Massachusetts."
“I can start my life over again. It’s all behind me, and now I’m a homeowner!”
CLA helped Laurie and her family overturn an illegal foreclosure and stay in their home.
2018 CLA Pro Bono Honor Roll
Acknowledging the contributions of our volunteer legal community.
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Celebrating 65 Years of Legal Aid in Worcester


Community Legal Aid celebrated 65 years of legal aid services in Worcester on Oct. 27 at Tuckerman Hall in the city.

Our guest host, Congressman Jim McGovern, 2nd District of Massachusetts, spoke about the vital need for civil legal aid services in Worcester and surrounding communities. He noted that many more residents would face terrible injustices without the services CLA attorneys and advocates provide.

Worcester Fair Housing Project Tester Training - November 2015

Housing discrimination occurs when someone is denied housing based on his or her race, gender identity/sexual orientation, national origin, religion, children or family status, disability, age, veteran status, source of income, and more.

Housing discrimination is ILLEGAL.

The Worcester Fair Housing Project works to end housing discrimination. One of the ways we do this is by sending fair housing testers into the community to investigate claims of housing discrimination. We train our testers thoroughly, and offer small payments for any testing done for us.

Community Legal Aid, Inc. (CLA) provides free civil legal services to low-income and elderly residents of central and western Massachusetts.  CLA also provides free civil legal assistance to victims of crime and survivors of homicide victims. Regardless of how much money you have, we assure fairness for all in the justice system, protecting homes, livelihoods, health, and families.  We are unique – no other organization provides these legal services in the communities we serve.  Our work is supported by state and federal funding, and by individual gifts, local corporations, and foundations.