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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of CLA is to improve the lives of low-income and elderly people through legal assistance that protects fundamental rights, secures access to basic needs, and challenges policies and practices that harm our clients.


CLA envisions a community where all low-income and elderly people have ready access to legal services to meet their basic needs and where everyone can vindicate their rights and be treated fairly in their pursuit of justice.

Core Values

Empowerment and Respect

Our legal advocates work in partnership with our clients, treating them with respect, encouraging them to actively participate in decision-making, and pursuing client-defined goals.

Expertise and Diligence

Our legal advocates are experts in their areas of specialization and zealous in their representation of clients, possessing the requisite knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation necessary to effectively advocate for the prompt resolution of our clients’ interests.

Cultural Competence

Our legal advocates are culturally competent and sensitive to differences in values, attitudes and behaviors, and have the capacity to work effectively with culturally varied clients.


CLA’s board and staff are committed to the careful stewardship of the financial resources that have been entrusted to us and the establishment of strong long term relations with our donors and funders through regular, informative and transparent communications.


CLA’s board and staff believe that the organization’s success is tied to diversity and are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace and board of diverse, talented individuals.

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Benefits of Legal Aid to the Commonwealth

Legal aid benefits both clients and their communities by saving everyone money.  In 2013, legal aid services generated an estimated $28 million in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through new federal revenue, other benefits and cost savings.

“Most Americans don’t realize that you can have your home taken away, your children taken away and you can be a victim of domestic violence but you have no constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.”

Jim Sandman, President,
Legal Services Corporation