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Give Later

Give Later

Making a planned gift - one that benefits the community after your lifetime - is easier than you might think. Options include:


After providing for your loved ones, leaving a bequest to CLA can be one of the simplest ways to achieve your charitable goals.  Include a statement in your will that specifies an amount or a share of your assets shall be distributed to Community Legal Aid.  A gift by will reduces your estate tax.
Types of Charitable Bequests
• Specific: Leave a specified dollar amount or items of property.
• Percentage: Bequeath a set percentage of your estate’s value.
• Residuary: Leave CLA whatever is left in your estate after specific amounts are bequeathed to other beneficiaries.
• Contingent: Bequeath all or a portion of your estate to CLA which we may or may not receive depending on the occurrence of specific but uncertain events, e.g. all heirs are no longer living.
Here is sample bequest language you can use in your will:
“I hereby bequeath to Community Legal Aid, Inc., a nonprofit organization with tax ID 04-2446242 located at 405 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608, the sum of $_______ (or ___% of my residuary estate) for the unrestricted purposes of the organization.”
Contact Tom Navin, at 413-727-7115 or email for more information. And do let us know if you plan to include Community Legal Aid in your estate - we always want to say thank you.
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You can also send a check made out to Community Legal Aid, Inc. to:

Community Legal Aid
405 Main Street,
Worcester, MA 01608 

If you have any questions about making a gift to Community Legal Aid,
please call our Development Director:

Tom Navin
at 413-727-7115 or email