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Community Legal Aid Vows to Continue our Fight for Justice in 2017

Community Legal Aid Vows to Continue our Fight for Justice in 2017

By Jonathan Mannina
Executive Director
Community Legal Aid
Although we do not know what the next few years will bring, we do know that in the face of great uncertainty and fear, effective advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable people in our communities is more critical than ever. Everyone at Community Legal Aid shares a common mission – “to improve the lives of low-income and elderly people through legal assistance that protects fundamental rights, secures access to basic needs, and challenges policies and practices that harm our clients” – which we pledge to uphold and fulfill. We will work with renewed vigor for our neighbors who face discrimination, domestic violence, homelessness, illegal limitations on their right to education, and other threats to their safety and well-being. As new issues emerge, we will be there to fight on behalf of our clients and the diverse communities we serve.
In 2016, we celebrated our 65th anniversary of providing legal aid to people in our region. We are proud of all that we have accomplished in that time, even as we know that there is much more to do on behalf of our immigrant, LGBTQ, and other neighbors who are fearful about what the future holds. Going forward we will continue to draw on our long history and our core values, and work with our many community partners, to provide assistance to those who need it.
As always, if you need help, our doors are open to you.
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