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Client Stories

Joel had a medical insurance problem that was seriously impacting his quality of life. Feeling desperate and taken advantage of, he turned to CLA.
Jackline contacted CLA when the Department of Transitional Assistance threatened to cut her cash assistance. She also needed help sorting out an insurance claim to cover treatment for her new baby daughter. CLA fixed these problems, and helped Jackline learn how to advocate for herself.
Laurie was working two full-time jobs to support her children and make payments on her mortgage. When her home was illegally foreclosed on and sold at auction, she had 48 hours to leave. CLA helped Laurie to overturn the eviction and keep her home.
When Mindy’s ex-partner was jailed for abuse, she thought she and her daughter could start afresh. But when he was released from jail two years later, he tracked her down and threatened further abuse. CLA helped Mindy protect her family from the abuser, permanently.
Racheal appeared to be a strong teenager, well on her way to a bright future. But underneath was an undocumented immigrant child, abandoned in the United States by the aunt who had cared for her most of her life. CLA helped Racheal move towards permanent residency, so she can now concentrate on getting on with her life.
“My stomach dropped when I saw the eviction letter… We didn't do anything wrong, but an eviction just feels so personal. This is where my kids have grown up.” CLA helped TracyLee prevent an illegal eviction and stay in her home.
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